Sales and Marketing

Capstone Assignment 2.2
Please respond to the following questions and submit them here.
• Based on the business that you chose for your Sales and Marketing Plan, consider one of the company’s advertisements over the last 22 years. Did it consist of any
of the 10 guidelines that make for a good advertisement? If so, choose two. If no, explain how two guidelines can be applied.
• Create a new advertisement for your business. I know you don’t have a camera to shoot a video ad, and some of you may not have the art ability to design a poster ad. However, please describe your ad for your business. This description should include details such as logo placement, words or a script, colors, image choice, what’s the projected budget, list and describe two of the guidelines for this ad. Why did you choose this type of ad to go along with this type of business.


Approximately 250 words