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I have attached the rough draft of my paper. All you are doing is writing the script. It says audio, but it’s not, we just write it out. YOU WILL NEED TO READ MY WHOLE PAPER. My company is Hotel/resort but you will see that when you write it. For my name just write XXX and I will fill it out
Here is a link of her explaining what she wants

In your script plan to write what you would say if you recorded the content but no need to record anything. Hi, I am… I am the (state a position) at the ABC company. A brief background on you and the company. Make clear what makes you the best fit to be the presenter. Never assume the board knows, but you can be brief. State that you are here today to talk to the group about it. Just think step by step what you would say if you were standing in front of a group of people. This will get you started :-). Feel free to call if you need to talk about this process.
Does this help?
The script is in lieu of the introduction.
When completing your script, you want to be guided by the appropriate content/talking points from below. I cannot pre-grade. I can give it a quick overview. I hope that helps.
The introduction audio script needs to include the following: Option 1
An introduction to the Capstone Project.
An assessment of the knowledge and competencies that a global human resource leader should possess. Describe how the denoted knowledge and competencies can be acquired and why these KSAs are critical.
Create strategies for transitioning HR from a transactional/process-oriented role to a strategic partner role.


Approximately 250 words