skill building activity

F A core skill in any literature class is the ability to understand and identify basic literary elements in a text, analyze their significance, and write about them meaningfully and accurately in discussions, essays, and exams. For this week’s activity, begin by opening and reviewing the resource entitled “Guidelines for Reading and Understanding Literature,” linked in week 1. Once you’ve read through the resource, go to “Step III: What Literary Techniques are Used in this Work?” and choose any one of the major elements to discuss (choose from plot, character, setting, point-of-view, images and symbols, or style and language), then answer at least four of the bullet-points under your chosen element. (For example, if you choose “Character,” you’d go down to #2, Character, and here you’d answer any four of the six bullet points underneath that element). Your answers should apply to this week’s assigned reading, Gilgamesh. Research is not called for in this activity, but if outside sources are used, they must be documented correctly in MLA format (quotations, in-text citations, and works cited entries) and be valid academic sources.


Approximately 250 words