Social work

Social Work Teacher/Instructor Interview and Reflection

The student will interview a social work instructor that they would like to learn more about and write a critical reflection on their findings utilizing the following prompt questions/format:
Teaching Philosophy
What is the instructor’s teaching philosophy?
What are the sources of this philosophy?
Teaching Approach and Methods
What is the overall teaching approach used by the instructor?
How does their teaching philosophy guide this approach?
What theories (if any) of teaching guides their teaching approach?
What are the specific teaching methods, techniques and strategies typically utilized by the instructor?
How does the instructor go about selecting course materials, preparing lesson plans, assignments, tests?
How does the instructor approach his or her teaching with students with various learning styles? various motivations for learning?
How has the instructor incorporated anti-racist practices in their teaching?
Classroom Management
How does the instructor manage the learning environment/ classroom?
How does the instructor establish, facilitate, and maintain an environment that is welcoming of diverse ideas and perspectives?
How does the instructor keep learners on task?
How does the instructor respond to questions and concerns from students?
How does the instructor approach grading, evaluation of assignments, and providing feedback (positive/negative) to students?
How does the instructor assess the overall impact of his or her teaching?
How does the instructor maintain their enthusiasm and commitment to their teaching?
Questions for Critical Reflection
For your critical reflection, analyze the interview information and observation and consider the following questions:
What are the overall findings that are illustrative of the instructor’s teaching?
How does this information inform your own approach to teaching? To teaching diverse learners?


Approximately 250 words