Stragies and Resources Treatment plan

Review the Case Example available on page 80 of the textbook (and below). Then write a 500-750-word treatment plan for the patient describing three different coping strategies that would be helpful in managing symptoms.
1. Describe effective coping skills to improve emotional well-being.
2. Describe holistic approaches (stress relief, self-esteem, relationships, and spirituality, perhaps personal resources).
3. Identify resources and support systems in the community that promote mental health and wellness, such as school-based programs, churches, and community support
4. Use a minimum of two scholarly sources to support the effectiveness of selected coping strategies and/or resources.
Case Example
“A 23-year-old woman presents to her PCP with a chief complaint of “racing heart and shortness of breath.” She describes increasing difficulty at work because she has sudden onset episodes, lasting a few minutes of overwhelming fear, shortness of
breath, nausea, racing heart, and dizziness. She is worried that something is “wrong with her heart.” She notices that she does not have these episodes in the evening when she
is drinking wine. She has had one ER visit in the past month, where “heart tests” were normal and she was treated with alprazolam with relief of her symptoms. She scored a 12
on the GAD-7, indicating moderate anxiety. The PCP and BHP assessed the patient for
safety, and the patient denied any thoughts of hurting herself or others or previous
suicidality or self-harm behaviors (e.g., cutting).”


Approximately 250 words