summary and response essay

MLA 9th edition, For this assignment, you are going to summarize and respond to the article, “Virtual Classrooms Can Be as Unequal as Real Ones” ( link below) from The Atlantic. In the first few lines of your assignment, you should provide a brief introduction of the topic of the article before you transition to a detailed summary. After your summary, write a thorough response to the article that focuses on the author’s thesis and supporting details. You can agree, disagree, or meet the author somewhere in the middle, but you must explain your ideas about the article and the topic in full.
Summary: Your summary should include all the elements of academic summaries outlined in the Week One materials (“How to Write a Summary” and “Writing Summaries”),(link below) including the author’s name and the article title, an objective rendering of the author’s thesis and main ideas, and signal phrases throughout to give the author credit for their ideas.
Response: Your response can include an analysis of the author, their purpose, the intended audience, the style and tone of the text, the organization and presentation of ideas, and the assumptions/values being presented. Also, you can reflect on the effectiveness of the thesis, the ideas with which you agree and/or disagree, and the article’s meanings, implications. Feel free to include your own observations or prior knowledge about the topic.
NOTE: This assignment should be a minimum of several paragraphs long. Be sure to use signal phrases, paraphrases, and even direct quotations from the article if necessary. For correct formatting, watch at a minimum the two MLA formatting videos in this module. Part of your grade is based on your ability to write in the required format.

Writing Summaries


Approximately 250 words