Consider that you are a sustainability consultant for a company of your choice and that you have to assess the company’s ethical culture and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices. Then you have to formulate concrete suggestions for Sustainability initiatives contributing selected SDGs. You will have to submit a report between 1,100-1,500 words double spaced.
You may consider questioning the following:
• What does a meaningful engagement by business with the SDGs consist of?
• What does aligning the company’s activities to the SDGs mean? And how can we ensure that this does not just become another branding exercise and actually contributes to change?
• In the hope of encouraging new thinking and new action, what can I suggest for the company to start making a more meaningful contribution to delivering the SDGs?
• What is the impact of covid-19 pandemic and current crises on corporate social responsibility? How did organizations change their priorities? How are they reimagining their social responsibility?


Approximately 250 words