The American Family Over Time

The American Family has undergone many changes throughout the years. These changes have shaped what defines a family as well as how a family functions. Create a Power Point presentation or a FREE Prezi Presentation ( that shows a timeline of changes that have impacted the American Family. (For the free version of Prezi, simply click “Get Started”, then navigate over to the “Basic” instead of “Individual or Teams” and you will see the free version.)
Your timeline must include a minimum of 8 events. Each event is to be identified by time period/date, the event being chronicled and the impact of the event on the American Family. Your presentation must include a cover slide and a reference slide. Your information must be supported by a minimum of 2 references. Please see the grading rubric below.
Grading rubric
Presentation provides in-depth, accurate information depicting 8 important events that have impacted the American Family. Each event is clearly identified and the impact on the family is defined. .
Presentation is creative & unique, with uncluttered slides that are well-organized and easy to read. There is use of color and/or transitions. Information is enhanced with the use of visuals.
Information is presented in clear writing style using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
A title slide is included at the beginning of the presentation. A reference slide is included at the end of the presentation that contains at least 2 references listed in APA format. Appropriate citations are included in the presentation


Approximately 250 words