Public Relations

Two different college websites.

Essay assignment Targeting the general public is one of the cardinal sins of public relations practice. Instead, public relations practitioners focus on specific publics, or individuals with shared characteristics that are relevant for our organization to target.
You are to look at Miami Dade College’s website and compare it to two different college websites. You need to discuss what you thought was done effectively with each website and what was not effective. I want you to discuss what changes you would make and why you would make these changes to these websites.
After looking at a variety of sites and looking at MDC, I want you to create an essay discussing a group of things. (write a paragraph or two for each question. Number each answer please.
Choose three target publics that MDC and the other two colleges seem to brand or may target. For example, General Motors may target the following three target publics: truck drivers, sports car drivers, and minivan drivers. For each of the target publics you identified, a list of three attributes each target public might have in common. You can choose from aspects of the public’s lifestyle, attitudes, behaviors, and/or opinions.
Next, you make a list of three attributes on which these three publics (groups of people) might differ.
Why might knowing what these audiences have in common and what they do not have in common be of value to public relations practitioners?
How might public relations practitioners use this information to build stronger relationships with each of these three publics at the college web pages you looked at?
What should change about these schools web pages?
What do you think is wrong, why it is wrong and how do you think that the changes could help people using the site. 1-2 pages with word count 500-1000 words. Must include Grammarly or Tutor reviewed draft Please include word count.
1-2 pages with word count 500-1000 words. Must include Grammarly or Tutor draft Please include the word count.


Approximately 250 words