Gender studies

Values Clarification Paper

Values assist a person in clarifying goals and decision-making. Specifically, the more clear you are about what values and roles are core to your identity, the more you can evaluate the decisions you make about sexuality.
Reflect on your own values, attitudes, and experiences related to sex. Identify your top five values and/or roles from the list below, and post your response to these questions (you may add value if not listed). If none of the 40 values on the listed fits, you create your own Top 5 values.
What are your top five (5) values?
1. A secure and positive family life
2. Continuing to learn and gain knowledge
3. A life with meaning, purpose, fulfillment
4. Self-confidence and personal growth
5. Unlimited travel, fine foods, entertainment, recreational, andcultural opportunities
How do these values and roles impact the sexual decisions you make?
What changes would you have to make to align your sexual decisions with your core values?
Where do our values come from? Who or what influences the values we have, get, keep, or discard?


Approximately 250 words