Watch 18 min video and write 2 different reflection

The video can be found here:

*Please write 2 different answer for each question (about 140 words each, so total about 280 words)
Marc Kushner sees social media as an important tool to provide feedback in real-time, shortening the distance of the “innovation/symbol” spectrum. What are your thoughts on this, as users of social media? As occupants of the built world? Post a response to the video either to one of the prompts below or something that intrigued you from his Ted Talk:
1. Do you think his argument about social media makes sense in terms of how we now see the built world? What are other ways that technology and/or social media can encourage a more participatory architecture?
2. Do you believe his argument that “it is the end of architectural history”? That “styles” might be gone and now we (architects) will know what you (the public) like and don’t like in design because of immediate feedback. Do you think this is true or not?
3. How do you think the access to instant access to places through social media / internet sources influences the way you see the world? Want to travel? Live or study abroad? See architecture & distant cultures?
You may also write something else that may have come up for you as you watched the video.
You must write a coherently well-written paragraph of 100 words minimum in response to one of the prompts (or any other thought you had on the Ted Talk, these are just some suggested promts)


Approximately 250 words