What are the issues facing our country today with the 2022 Census, and how does it affects America?

Since so much has changed the fabric of society, this semester’s Researched Project topics will be on issues that currently impact America and possibly the world. Hopefully, this project will make you a better-informed citizen on the problems facing our country today. A number of these issues can be broken down into sub-categories: For example, “the 2022 Census” could be broken down to include “Border Security,” and so on.
What are the issues facing our country today with the 2022 Census, and how does it affects America?
The title is exemplary; it demonstrates the essay’s goals, fits the purpose of the material, engages audience interest, and shows signs of critical and creative thinking.
The introduction is exemplary: It provides an engaging opening, gives context to the overall essay, and provides a clear thesis. This introduction shows signs of both critical and creative thinking.
Clear, relevant thesis with purpose and reasoning; evidence of critical thinking. The idea demonstrates an understanding of the assignment goals and the place of the essay in a larger discourse community.
The thesis is about establishing both your goal for the essay and why you’ve chosen that goal. Also, the thesis should establish what you intend to persuade the audience to think by the end of the essay.
The source material is synthesized into major points; rather than simply reporting on the source material, the essay uses the source material to establish a more significant thesis. Material is academically credible and demonstrates signs of depth of breadth.
The essay includes a clear conclusion that provides a second engaging statement and reflects on the significance of the selected topic. There’s a call to action made by the author that reflects critical and creative thinking on the overall subject.
Exemplary writing. No clear errors in syntax; the syntax is varied and rhythmic. Word choice is clear and precise. The tone is fit for the goals of the assignment. Style choices make the work, overall, engaging.


Approximately 250 words