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When do social media activities and online brand communities affect the corporate brand

prepare a critical literature review of the topic based on their research of the relevant scientific literature.not longerthan6.000 wordsper studentincludingtitle page, figuresand references. Please try to offer a neutral, differentiated (pro & contra) discussionof your topic. (Personal) opinions can be included but only as a logical result of the discussion – and not as a prejudice. Keep in mind that you are writing a report in business economics, so try to embrace concepts, perspective and language of business economics (even if your sources do not do so!). General idea (i.e., is the chosen topic interesting for marketers?) and introduction (i.e., motivation/illustration of the relevance of your chosen topic)(Theoretical) background of your literature reviewIdentification of relevant scientific literature (i.e., literature search)and literature analysisDerivationof management implicationsout of your critical reviewGeneral Structureof your report (e.g., agenda, central theme, layout)Usage of scientific literature. IntroductionRelevance of the problemDescription of the problemAnalysis of the possible perspectives on/solutions tothe problemProblem statement and research questions/hypotheses Preconditions for carrying out the study and delimitations Clarification of use of concepts/important definitions, Choice of theoretical framework if relevant Choice of general methodology (survey, experiment etc.)Structure of the report2.Theoretical backgroundDescription and analysis of relevant theory and empirical findings by othersOften results in a detailed need for information3.MethodHow the need for information will be/was coveredResearch design4.Results –possibly in several sections Description, validation and cleaning of the data from the studySection(s) with results from the analysis/analysesSumming up of the results from the analysis sections 5.DiscussionOf method (How certain are our results? Where do we know of shortcomings?)Of the results (What have we learned? Are the results as expected? How do they differ? Do we have explanations for that?)6.ConclusionWhat can we, based on the results from the study and thediscussion conclude regarding the research questions?What is the answer to the problem statement?Putting the results into perspective –possible generalizations? Possible implications for business and for future research.Did we find new issues that we had not foreseen? List of referencesAppendices.


Approximately 250 words