World travel and tourism council

World Travel and Tourism Council
The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the global business leaders’ forum for travel and tourism. Its members are chief executives from all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, including accommodations, catering, cruises, entertainment, recreation, transportation, and travelrelated services. Its central goal is to work with governments to realize the full economic impact of the world’s largest generator of wealth and jobs—travel and tourism.
Visit the WTTC site at and identify the organization’s strategic priorities.
Explore the site a bit and choose one initiative that the organization is working on. What is the initiative? Why is it important? Identify some of the recommendations offered by WTTC under your chosen initiative.
This assignment should be completed in short-format as a file upload using Word. You may use short paragraphs or bulleted lists to answer the question, but your responses should be in complete sentences except where lists are appropriate. Use Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced with 1″ margins.


Approximately 250 words