Natural Science

Worldview Paper

The purpose of the paper is to relate the discoveries of science, Business major, and the Christian ethic in a logical, coherent manner.
Everyone on Earth has a worldview that shapes and directs the way they interact with the world, their neighbors and family, and how they view themselves. As we discussed in class, the atheistic/materialistic worldview describes the universe as a purposeless accident in which only the physical realm exists. Science, therefore, can only test things in the material world and has shown us that we are nothing more than “meat robots” with only an illusion of free will. The Christian ethic, however, understands the universe as an intentional, purposeful Creation, in which we are all called to glorify the God who created us with all our mind, soul, and strength. We have inherent dignity as image-bearers of the Creator, and a slew of other attributes which we share with God, including creativity, love, and rationality.
Throughout this course, you will have seen how the investigation of this universe – from the cosmological fine-tuning, to the exquisite “coincidences” of our habitable planet, to the amazing attributes of water, and finally to the inner workings of biological organisms – ALL point to a mind. Indeed, by studying the physical world, there are inescapable implications of the necessity of an intelligent Being beyond the realms of the physical world, which aligns faithfully with the Christian notion of the Biblical God.
Each of you has a particular major (if you are undecided at this time, you will pick whatever major interests you most). From the sciences, to business, to the fine arts, everyone has a part of this world that they are interested in and skilled in studying. Every vocation we choose involves interacting with other people, animals, or the environment, and how we view the world dictates how we embrace our careers. This worldview paper will challenge you to think about how your career aspirations are affected by your worldview.


Approximately 250 words