Writing Assignment: Bias in the news

In this Writing Assignment, we are looking at the world we live in and learning how biased attitudes and actions are restrictive and harmful for most people.
Find some news in the media—online, in magazines, newspapers, T.V. etc.–that show an incident of bias (not only race bias –remember gender, sexual orientation, class and physical appearance and mobility). Write about the incident in detail and share your reactions.
This assignment is worth: 15 pts. Your writing assignment about “the news,” will be assessed and it needs to include the following:
Identify the source of the article. Was it news online, a magazine, newspaper, or T.V. ?
What actually happened in the article? Who was involved? Give a clear description of the news story.
What were your feelings and thoughts when you first read or heard the story?
What reflections or ideas did you have after you spent time thinking of the event?
Times Roman type, size 12 font, double-spaced.
Minimum of 200 words.
Write in complete college-level sentences. Do not respond with just a “no,” or “yes,” or “I agree,” or “I disagree,” responses.
Address all questions above.
See Rubric for scoring criteria. All criteria must be met for full-credit.


Approximately 250 words