writing proposal

The final essay will require you to summarize the chosen essay (see options below), identify the author’s point of view (argument/thesis), describe a writing strategy that the author uses and state whether it is effective or not and why. You must include examples by quoting the original text. This analysis should be written in 3rd person point of view.
In addition, you will compose a response to the essay, an Author’s Response (you are the author). In your response, you will state your position on the topic and whether you agree with argument or not. You will find one source that is related to the topic, that provides additional perspective that can support your position whether it be the same point of view as the essay or an opposing view. You must include either a direct quote or paraphrase from the resource you have found in your research. The Author’s Response can be written in 1st person point of view.
Select one of the following three articles as the topic of your essay (located in the Norton Field Guide textbook):
“Our Blind Spot About Guns”, Nicholas Kristof, p. 177
“Representation of Disney Princesses in the Media,” Isabelle Gill, p. 759
“Outbreak of the Irrational, Sarah Dzubay,” p. 825


Approximately 250 words